Chernyak Irina

Chief physician. Dentist

1995 – graduated from the National Medical University named after  A. Bogomolets and on the basis of the same university graduated internship in “Prosthetic dentistry”

1997 and 2004 -was trained of a direct restoration in the training center “Apollonia”

The regular participant of annual seminars in Poltava DentArt.

Permanently supplements her knowledge participating in numerous conferences and seminars with Ukrainian and foreign experts. Holds certifications in aesthetic dental restoration and endodontics.


  • Workshop “Psychology in Dentistry”. Seminars on Psychology by V.V. Boyko
  • 2004 – Scientific-practical conference “Modern technologies in dentistry: aesthetic, orthodontics, Implantology”, Alfa-Bio, Israel;
  • 2007 – seminar “Restoration of endodonticaly treated teeth”, Poltava;
  • 2008 – seminar “Through adhesive technique to successful restoration”, Poltava;
  • 2009 – seminar “Root of the tooth restoration”, Poltava;
  • 2011 – seminar “Endodontics according to the rules 3. The Art of instrumentation”, Kiev;
  • 2012 – conference “Modern achievements in clinical endodontics”, Kiev;
  • 2013 – seminar “Psychological and practical aspects of patients dental care”, Kiev;
  • 2013 – seminar “Features of national restoration”, Poltava;
  • 2014 – master course on “Advanced Adhesive & Conservative Esthetic Restoration”, Geneva;
  • 2014 – master course on usage of transparent mouth guard system “Easy Align”;
  • 2014 – workshop “Endodontic retreatment”, Kiev;
  • 2014 – master course on “Restoration in the Italian style”, Poltava;
  • 2015 – master course on “Advanced Aesthetic and Functional Adhesive Restorations”, Geneva;
  • 2015 – seminar “Excellence in Endodontics” within the frameworks of Thirteenth International Conference “Modern Technologies in Endodontics”, Kiev;
  • 2015 – “Modern opportunities of endodontic treatment and postendodontic teeth rehabilitation”, Kiev;
  • 2015 – master course on “How to avoid clinical fails in usage of adhesive technics”, Kiev;
  • 2015 – Endodontic conference “Guarantee of the quality of your endo’, Kiev;
  • 2015 – Dental Forum and exhibition “Medwin: Dentistry”, Kiev;
  • 2016 – lecture “Bonded restorations in the anterior dentition”
  • 2018 – a certificate for daily digital dentistry with the help of the Teethan

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