Direct bite

Direct bite is very similar to physiological, so it is difficult to distinguish. However, there are differences. The teeth in direct occlusion are in contact with each other by cutting edges. And normally should go for each other.

Distal bite

This type of bite differs in many ways. A distinctive feature is the over-developed upper jaw. It is not good.

Vector-system. The operation scheme of the VECTOR. Benefits and Findings

Vector therapy in dentistry is truly an amazing achievement of modern science and high technology.

Vector-system is a method of treatment of periodontitis, which allows to regularly monitor the process of reinfection of the root pockets.

Occlusion of teeth. What it is and what types of occlusion exist

Occlusion of teeth is the closing of dentition or individual teeth for a short or long period of time. Find out what kinds of occlusions are and what are the differences.

How to clean your teeth properly. Master class

Dear parents! Attention!

We announce the set for a new master class “How to clean your teeth properly“.