Kasianenko Katerina

Orthodontist. Children's doctor

  • Graduated from Zaporizhzhya State Medical University (ZSMU)
  • Internship from ZSMU on the basis of “Zaporizhia Clinical Regional Dental Clinic”
  • Specialization from NMAPE named after P.L. Shupika in pediatric dentistry
  • Orthodontics Course by Dr. Hamid Rezai
  • Course “Orthodontics. Start-school “Kamalova S.V.
  • Course “Orthodontics. Work with arcs “Kamalova S.V.
  • The course “Mini-implants – skeletal anchorage” by Denis Perepyolkin from “Ortholiberty”
  • The course “TranspaDent – a unique system of 3D teeth leveling” by Anton Pogarsky
  • Catherine Geranina course “Endowment and Endodontics of Timber Teeth”

Partial bracket system is an excellent method of treatment at the age of 9-11 years old, when the plate is not very effective, and full braces are still early, because the root system of the teeth is not yet fully formed.

The ability to interact with the outside world largely affects our level of life, contributes to self-identification and is an important component of commercial success.

It is a smile that demonstrates sincerity and goodwill, makes its owner younger, more attractive and has the ability to communicate, which is the main key to both a successful career and happy harmonious relationships.

Orthopedic treatment begins at a very young age. It is necessary to visit a general practitioner and orthodontist when the first teeth appear, so as not to miss the ideal moment to start prevention or treatment…

One of the most frequently asked questions about installing a bracket system is the time it is worn.

Someone can carry them all year, and someone unthinkable 2-3 years. I definitely can’t answer you this question remotely, but I can tell you why the final term depends:

  1. Age of the patient (teeth change all his life, but, of course, the younger the patient, the faster the process of correction with the braces)
  2. The model of the bracket system
  3. The severity of anomalies of the dentition
  4. The accuracy of the patient following the recommendations for caring for the system

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