Veneers: Rehabilitation and rehabilitation

Once the veneer is installed, you can lead a normal lifestyle. Follow the doctor’s recommendations for the correct use of the structure.

Pros and cons of veneers on teeth

Advantages of ceramic veneers before composite:

1. High aesthetics of ceramic veneers.
2. Veneers, made of ceramics, retain color consistency, do not fade and do not darken with time.
3. Reliability. High wear resistance.
4. Biocompatibility.
5. Veneers made of ceramics are durable. Their shelf life is unlimited.

Disadvantages of ceramic structures:


Treatment and restoration of teeth

Tooth restoration is carried out considering its natural shape, color and transparency. At the same time modern materials are incorporated -nanocomposits and paints which gives an ability to doctor, as an artist, to restore the tooth as much as possible identical to the natural one.