Professional oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is important and necessary! Everyone knows this, and we, for our part, do our best to make this procedure painless, safe and as comfortable as possible for you with the help of the CAVITRON device!

Even if at first glance it seems to you that your hygiene is alright, by our experience we can say that conduction of perfect individual oral hygiene is impossible.

Treatment and restoration of teeth

Tooth restoration is carried out considering its natural shape, color and transparency. At the same time modern materials are incorporated -nanocomposits and paints which gives an ability to doctor, as an artist, to restore the tooth as much as possible identical to the natural one.

Orthopedics (prosthetic dentistry)

Prosthetic dentistry is engaged in restoration of lost teeth, restoration of chewing function, prevention of dent alveolar anomalies, as well as issues of aesthetic dentistry.

In our work we use all kinds of orthopedic constructions. We provide you with comfort at all stages of treatment obtaining and producing a temporary aesthetic prosthesis unnoticeable to others.


Orthodontic treatment can solve a number of pathologies of dental system: align the dentition, correct an occlusion, normalize the level of the gums.

In our clinic orthodontic treatment is carried out with the help of removable orthodontic appliances:


Nowadays dentistry offers several ways to restore lost teeth. Implantation is one of them.

Implantation doesn’t damage teeth adjacent to the lost one and avoids using a removable prosthesis. The success of implantation is about 97-99%. In some cases, the implant can be set on the day of tooth extraction, if this is not possible the setting of the implant is delayed for up to 3 months. Setting of an implants made under local anesthesia and takes up to15-20 minutes. After the implant setting it is necessary to wait 3-6 months for its osteontegration after what the final restoration is being made.