Do you know what you can or cannot eat in braces?

Wearing orthodontic appliances does not mean living on mashed potatoes and soft foods throughout treatment. Knowing what foods can and cannot be eaten will help you achieve the best results after completing dental curves.

Instruction manual: how to care for the design

No space-based plate care efforts are required. To keep the apparatus clean and your teeth in order, use the following tips:

Basic recommendations for the care of the oral cavity in children of the breast age

  1. Before teething, brush the baby’s gums by swiping a clean, damp cloth over the baby’s upper and lower gums.
  2. When the child has the first teeth, start brushing them two or three times a day with a soft bristled toothbrush and water.

What can expect a child in the chest?

Dental plates: recommendations, indications and contraindications?

These are removable and non-removable alignment structures for teeth. They are made of plastic and wire, and fixed on the teeth with the help of hooks and staples.

About the bite, its formation and correction

The ratio of the upper and lower dentition with closed jaws is called a bite. It is formed from birth to 15 years.

It is important to monitor its formation… What exactly needs to be done and how can the bite be corrected with a plate?