Dental calculus

Tartar is deposited on the necks of the teeth and can cover part of the crown and root. And it can form on dentures if they are not properly cared for.

About splinting, malocclusion, etc.

We suggest in this section to familiarize yourself with brief information about what this or that method of treatment means. This section will be updated.

Do you know what you can or cannot eat in braces?

Wearing orthodontic appliances does not mean living on mashed potatoes and soft foods throughout treatment. Knowing what foods can and cannot be eaten will help you achieve the best results after completing dental curves.

About oral hygiene

The course of professional oral hygiene includes training in the rules of hygiene, and the selection of individual products that are optimal for each patient.

Are records suitable for adults?

In adult patients, this option is used more likely as an auxiliary one.