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Bleaching: Tips from Specialists of St. Irina

Before bleaching recommended professional hygienic cleaning of teeth for 2-5 days (but not more than 2 weeks) before bleaching. This procedure is necessary to remove plaque and dental deposits, which can prevent whitening and achieve the optimal result.

Whitening: What method to choose?

All professional methods allow achieving significant and persistent whitening by 6-9 tones (up to a maximum of 16). The difference between them is in equipment and time.

For example, home bleaching will require a regular wearing of the cap with gel for 2-4 weeks. With a clinical technique, you can achieve the desired result for 1-3 visits to the clinic.

Teeth whitening

  1. Laser whitening
  2. Photobleaching
  3. Ultrasonic bleaching technology
  4. Chemical method
  5. Alternative technologies

In more detail about each method of teeth whitening…