Bleaching: Tips from Specialists of St. Irina

Before bleaching recommended professional hygienic cleaning of teeth for 2-5 days (but not more than 2 weeks) before bleaching. This procedure is necessary to remove plaque and dental deposits, which can prevent whitening and achieve the optimal result.

The result after the clinical whitening of the teeth is visible and persists for several years, but only if the proper care is observed:

  1. Regular oral hygiene, including daily care.
  2. Conducting professional cleaning of teeth in the dental office to eliminate the formation of plaque and tartar.
  3. Refusal of tobacco, as a key factor in darkening of enamel.

Teeth whitening is contraindicated if there is a high sensitivity of teeth, caries, the presence of enamel damage, the period of pregnancy or lactation, as well as possible allergic reactions to a particular component of the bleaching substance.

When choosing a method of teeth whitening, in the first place, the doctor relies on medical indications and contraindications to the procedure, as well as the individual characteristics and wishes of the patient.

The choice of bleaching technology depends on the individual attitude to the procedures and reactions of the body to the basic principles of this or that technique.

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