Whitening: What method to choose?

All professional methods allow achieving significant and persistent whitening by 6-9 tones (up to a maximum of 16). The difference between them is in equipment and time.

For example, home bleaching will require a regular wearing of the cap with gel for 2-4 weeks. With a clinical technique, you can achieve the desired result for 1-3 visits to the clinic.

To decide on the choice of the method of whitening, it is necessary to make an appointment for a consultation with a doctor. After a thorough examination of the teeth and oral cavity, the doctor will offer you the most appropriate plan for teeth whitening and will coordinate the cost of treatment.


Only their own teeth are bleached. Seals, veneers, ceramic crowns have a completely different structure, and bleaching technologies do not work on them. Therefore, if you decide to have lighter teeth whitening should be preceded by dental restorations (fillings or veneers installation).

There is an opinion that you can whiten your teeth by yourself. But whitening gels, strips and other products, which are presented on a free sale, contain a small percentage of bleaching agents. They have a slight and short bleaching activity.

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