Dental calculus

Tartar is deposited on the necks of the teeth and can cover part of the crown and root. And it can form on dentures if they are not properly cared for.

Causes of dental calculus:

  • The person brushes their teeth irregularly or brushes them incorrectly.
  • The human diet is dominated by soft foods.
  • Chewing is carried out only on one side of the jaw (left or right) due to partial loss of teeth.
  • Use of substandard toothbrushes and toothpastes.
  • A person has a disturbed metabolism, primarily salt.

Tartar can be caused by improper positioning of teeth, rough surfaces as a result of fillings, orthodontic and orthopedic structures.

If the plaque is not cleaned or used when cleaning with a poor-quality brush and toothpaste, it gradually turns into mineralized tartar, the consequences of which are inflammation of the oral cavity, tooth decay, gastrointestinal infections, diseases of the upper respiratory tract and even blood. This once again leads to the conclusion that it is necessary to start thorough dental care as early as possible.

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