About splinting, malocclusion, etc.

We suggest in this section to familiarize yourself with brief information about what this or that method of treatment means. This section will be updated.

Do you know what you can or cannot eat in braces?

Wearing orthodontic appliances does not mean living on mashed potatoes and soft foods throughout treatment. Knowing what foods can and cannot be eaten will help you achieve the best results after completing dental curves.

About Occlusal Tire

Occlusal splint: in order to see how correctly the splint is made from a neuro-muscular point of view.

Open bite

With an open bite, the patient’s teeth do not close at all. Accordingly, they do not contact each other in any way. Such a bite can be found in the front and in the sides.

Deep bite

With a deep dentition, overlapping of the lower teeth with the upper teeth is observed by more than half. Such a bite can be developed not only on the front of the jaw, but also on the lateral parts.