Pros and cons of veneers on teeth

Advantages of ceramic veneers before composite:

1. High aesthetics of ceramic veneers.
2. Veneers, made of ceramics, retain color consistency, do not fade and do not darken with time.
3. Reliability. High wear resistance.
4. Biocompatibility.
5. Veneers made of ceramics are durable. Their shelf life is unlimited.

Disadvantages of ceramic structures:


Care of implant prostheses

After completing the implantation procedure, a scheduled examination of the patient by a specialist within the following periods is mandatory: one, three and seven months after the completion of the prosthetic work.

During these examinations, the doctor monitors the condition of the implanted product, signs of inflammation or rejection of the prosthesis, its functionality.

Caring for children's teeth

How to take care of your baby’s teeth?

It is necessary to start the child with the right hygienic oral care skills from an early age. Many factors can affect the health and formation of the oral cavity of the mouth long before the first teeth are cut. For example, the common antibiotic tetracycline causes a change and a loss in the natural color of the teeth.

For this reason, they are not recommended for use during breastfeeding and during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.