Veneers: Rehabilitation and rehabilitation

Once the veneer is installed, you can lead a normal lifestyle. Follow the doctor’s recommendations for the correct use of the structure.

Birth of a child. What do I need to know?

After the baby was born, it is important to monitor hygiene. First of all, dear parents, you should not transfer your bacteria to the child (Streptococcus mutans), which, according to one of the theories, cause caries.

The first teeth

When the tooth is erupted, the gum in the place of its future appearance becomes inflamed and becomes painful, how to help the child in such cases:

1. Periodically massage the gums at the site of the tooth’s eruption. This will eliminate the itching and will act soothingly on the baby, and not least because he will feel your attention to him.

Whitening: What method to choose?

All professional methods allow achieving significant and persistent whitening by 6-9 tones (up to a maximum of 16). The difference between them is in equipment and time.

For example, home bleaching will require a regular wearing of the cap with gel for 2-4 weeks. With a clinical technique, you can achieve the desired result for 1-3 visits to the clinic.

Care of veneers

1. Dental veneer structures do not require special care.
2. Careful daily hygienic care for the oral cavity should be followed, with the help of a toothbrush, toothpaste and paste. This will allow the veneer to retain a shiny surface.
3. It is necessary to avoid the use of such products, which tend to leave stains on the teeth (red wine, pomegranate or cherry juice, coffee, tea, etc.)…