Dental plates: recommendations, indications and contraindications?

These are removable and non-removable alignment structures for teeth. They are made of plastic and wire, and fixed on the teeth with the help of hooks and staples.

Enemies of teeth

To all your efforts to prevent caries from the child did not go to waste, try to give him less sweets – they are the main destroyers of teeth. Dangerous to the teeth, streptococci reproduce on tooth enamel only in the presence of sugar, which, in fact, and eat.


To prevent the emergence or development of caries, it is necessary to organize the nutrition of the family competently. In the diet of the child must be present calcium from dairy products.

Birth of a child. What do I need to know?

After the baby was born, it is important to monitor hygiene. First of all, dear parents, you should not transfer your bacteria to the child (Streptococcus mutans), which, according to one of the theories, cause caries.

The first teeth

When the tooth is erupted, the gum in the place of its future appearance becomes inflamed and becomes painful, how to help the child in such cases:

1. Periodically massage the gums at the site of the tooth’s eruption. This will eliminate the itching and will act soothingly on the baby, and not least because he will feel your attention to him.