Dental plates: recommendations, indications and contraindications?

These are removable and non-removable alignment structures for teeth. They are made of plastic and wire, and fixed on the teeth with the help of hooks and staples.

Due to the gentle pressure on the dentition or some of its parts, they help to correct the bite.

At certain intervals, the plates are tightened and the pressure increases. Such a procedure is performed periodically on the recommendation of a doctor until the desired result is achieved.

Such designs are shown for the alignment of teeth in childhood, as well as for fixing the effect after wearing leveling braces.

In which cases it is recommended to install:

  1. 1. To prevent teeth from moving
  2. To correct the width of the sky
  3.  To fix and hold teeth in the desired position
  4. To change the shape of the jaw bones
  5. To stimulate or slow the growth of the jaw
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