About the bite, its formation and correction

The ratio of the upper and lower dentition with closed jaws is called a bite. It is formed from birth to 15 years.

It is important to monitor its formation… What exactly needs to be done and how can the bite be corrected with a plate?

Recommendations for children:

  1. the first six months of the baby’s life
  2. from six months to 3 years, until baby teeth grow
  3. from 3 to 6 years, when the jaws begin to grow and permanent teeth erupt. During this period, the formation of a temporary bite
  4. from 6 to 12 years old when a mixed bite is formed – milk and permanent teeth
  5. in the period of 12-15 years, when a permanent bite is fully formed

Bite correction using a plate for leveling teeth allows you to:

  1. Make your teeth smooth and smile beautiful
  2. Prevent chewing pain
  3. Helps to correct diction, lisping, burly
  4. Adjust the gaps between the teeth, allowing you to optimally perform oral hygiene

Remember that the plate does not correct the bite, but it does not allow the teeth to assume the wrong position. Therefore, it is important to start correcting any bite anomalies as soon as possible. Wearing a plate on the teeth is the price of a healthy smile and child’s confidence in the future.

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