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Vector-system. The operation scheme of the VECTOR. Benefits and Findings

Vector therapy in dentistry is truly an amazing achievement of modern science and high technology.

Vector-system is a method of treatment of periodontitis, which allows to regularly monitor the process of reinfection of the root pockets.

Bleaching: Tips from Specialists of St. Irina

Before bleaching recommended professional hygienic cleaning of teeth for 2-5 days (but not more than 2 weeks) before bleaching. This procedure is necessary to remove plaque and dental deposits, which can prevent whitening and achieve the optimal result.

Birth of a child. What do I need to know?

After the baby was born, it is important to monitor hygiene. First of all, dear parents, you should not transfer your bacteria to the child (Streptococcus mutans), which, according to one of the theories, cause caries.

Cavitron® jet plus

The device Cavitron® jet plus – allows you to make the procedure of oral hygiene as painless, safe and comfortable for you!