Vector-system. The operation scheme of the VECTOR. Benefits and Findings

Vector therapy in dentistry is truly an amazing achievement of modern science and high technology.

Vector-system is a method of treatment of periodontitis, which allows to regularly monitor the process of reinfection of the root pockets.

The operation scheme of the VECTOR device is quite simple:

The device creates ultrasonic vibrations that have a detrimental effect on bacteria that have accumulated in the periodontal pocket. At the same time, microparticles of a special cleaning powder polish the surface of the tooth root. Intensive washing of pockets with Vector Polish Fluid suspension is a guarantee of purification from pathogenic microorganisms.

After 2-3 sessions, patients feel lightness and comfort in the oral cavity. In combination with modern preventive measures, this technique is a guarantee of keeping the patient’s gums and teeth healthy.

Vector therapy in dentistry is truly an amazing achievement of modern science and high technology.

After all, this technique allows to treat periodontitis:

  1. Without pain
  2. Without soft tissue injury
  3. Quickly
  4. Effective
  5. Without complicated operations

VECTOR therapy is prescribed in the case of:

  1. The presence of any of the stages of periodontal disease
  2. The need for preventive measures after periodontal treatment
  3. The need to prevent the rejection of implants
  4. The presence of large volumes of prosthetics (castle byugel, metal ceramics, etc.)


Based on the observations, after the application of this system, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • Vector is easy to use;
  • The treatment is almost painless;
  • After the first session, an effective reduction in the depth of periodontal pockets occurs and the gingiva is attached to the tooth tissues;
  • Repeated session of Vector therapy is recommended after six months;
  • Treatment with the help of the apparatus. The vector in all respects is not inferior to the classical method of treatment, using hand tools, and is much more effective, more gentle and painless.
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