About splinting, malocclusion, etc.

We suggest in this section to familiarize yourself with brief information about what this or that method of treatment means. This section will be updated.

Basic recommendations for the care of the oral cavity in children of the breast age

  1. Before teething, brush the baby’s gums by swiping a clean, damp cloth over the baby’s upper and lower gums.
  2. When the child has the first teeth, start brushing them two or three times a day with a soft bristled toothbrush and water.

What can expect a child in the chest?

Deep bite

With a deep dentition, overlapping of the lower teeth with the upper teeth is observed by more than half. Such a bite can be developed not only on the front of the jaw, but also on the lateral parts.

Vector-system. The operation scheme of the VECTOR. Benefits and Findings

Vector therapy in dentistry is truly an amazing achievement of modern science and high technology.

Vector-system is a method of treatment of periodontitis, which allows to regularly monitor the process of reinfection of the root pockets.

The first teeth

When the tooth is erupted, the gum in the place of its future appearance becomes inflamed and becomes painful, how to help the child in such cases:

1. Periodically massage the gums at the site of the tooth’s eruption. This will eliminate the itching and will act soothingly on the baby, and not least because he will feel your attention to him.