The first teeth

When the tooth is erupted, the gum in the place of its future appearance becomes inflamed and becomes painful, how to help the child in such cases:

1. Periodically massage the gums at the site of the tooth’s eruption. This will eliminate the itching and will act soothingly on the baby, and not least because he will feel your attention to him.

2. Give the child a tooth ring made of synthetic material. When he chews, the child for a while weakens blood supply, and the painful place is as if deafened, the pain subsides (the tooth rings are regularly cleaned!). A similar analgesic effect is achieved with a bread crust or a piece of carrots that are large enough so that the child does not choke.

3. You can give the child also a ring filled with chilled liquid. Therefore, when your child’s teeth erupt, you should always have such tooth rings ready. Cooling is especially useful in cases where a child has gum disease.

4. If you have a medical appointment, you can also use pain-reducing drugs, either in liquid form or in the form of a gel. Such funds, applied to the painful areas of the baby’s gums with the help of a finger, contain local anesthetics (local anesthesia) in very small doses.

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