Birth of a child. What do I need to know?

After the baby was born, it is important to monitor hygiene. First of all, dear parents, you should not transfer your bacteria to the child (Streptococcus mutans), which, according to one of the theories, cause caries.

At the time of birth, the oral cavity of the baby is practically free of bacteria. They settle there only in the first months of life. If the parents or someone caring for the baby have bacteria in the oral cavity, and when feeding the baby they lick the child’s spoon or the nipple that has fallen to the floor, these bacteria can get into the mouth of the child, he also gets tooth decay.

So, please, supervise yourself:

  • do not lick the spoon of the child while feeding it
  • sterilize the nipple that has fallen to the floor
  • try to tidy your caries-affected teeth

And then the oral cavity of the child will remain free of caries longer.


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