Enemies of teeth

To all your efforts to prevent caries from the child did not go to waste, try to give him less sweets – they are the main destroyers of teeth. Dangerous to the teeth, streptococci reproduce on tooth enamel only in the presence of sugar, which, in fact, and eat.

By processing sugar, bacteria secrete an acid that destroys the tooth enamel.

Conversely, as often as possible, feed the child fresh fruits and vegetables: the sugar and fruit acids contained in them do not pose a danger to the teeth. Or, just like in Europe, choose only sweets with safe sausage substitute xylitol for children.

As for children’s milk formulas, they often contain 30% or more of sugar, while 4-5% are enough for a sweet taste.

Do not allow the child to fall asleep with a bottle containing milk, nutritional mixtures, fruit juices, etc. or sedatives, diluted with sugar or honey. Use simple water for this, and the medicines recommended by the pediatrician, let’s clean.

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